A plateful of spaghetti and a piece of hotdog could mean bliss to a lot of children.


Last March 8,2019, Comradeship Philippines (formerly Fellowship PH) had its first of the many feeding opportunities for school children. There were 60 pupils from Arado Elementary School who enjoyed a delicious meal. The More4Less Charity Organization was a great help in making this effort a successful one.

Thanks to all the joiners for being part of the fellowship. If you wish to join us in our travel with a purpose events email us at [email protected].

Travel With A Purpose

Are you looking for a meaningful travel? You also want to give back and to do something that the communities would benefit? Is it possible to achieve both at the same time? Yes, join the organization’s “Travel With A Purpose”, the annual fundraising event of Comradeship Philippines in partnership with Kalakat Travel and Tours. Proceeds from this even was used in the feeding program, 60 children from Arado Elementary School benefited the program.