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Our Story

Comradeship PH is a for-purpose travel and event organization sharing the power of volunteerism and instilling a culture of giving. Our team aims to combat poverty by working with partners who shared the same passion. We envision improving the living condition of indigenous people and other vulnerable sector in the community through sustainable development initiatives.

Our mission

To protect the rights of children, promote community participation, and help underprivileged children develop their full potential through educational endeavors where volunteerism plays a vital role in their realization.

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Our program

BATANG COMRADESHIPOur program aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and sustainable future.

Our vision

We hope to have an empowered community where: The rights of the children to learn and play are protected; Parents understand the importance of play in a child’s development; The people genuinely participate in the life-changing endeavors for children.

L.A.R.U.A.N Project
(Learning and Recreational; Uplifting And Nurturing Environment for Filipino Children)

The United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child puts great emphasis on play and reading, as children’s main activity, and the most important factor of their development. Comradeship Philippines has been progressively developing a network of community-based toy libraries, located in the heart of disadvantaged areas, and managed by trained community volunteers.

This year, the organization hopes to create toy libraries in Region VIII (Eastern Visayas), Philippines. These toy libraries will be established according to a sustainable development model aimed at empowering the community people by enabling them to become responsible and develop sense of ownership of the project. The goal of the LARUAN Project is to provide children from disadvantaged areas, who have no or little access to education or educational recreation programs, a secure place where they can play and read with age-appropriate materials. To achieve this, a reliable partner,well aware of the benefits of playing as part of holistic development of the children is first needed.

Comradeship Philippines will also prepare an intensive training for community volunteers, village officials and teachers. The training includes the establishment, management and promotion of a toy library, as well as the main aspects of play and instructional materials connected to child development. Thus, a partnership with Village officials, School
authorities and other organizations is highly needed to realize this project.