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"A Fellowship of Joyful Givers" "Sharing The Power of Volunteerism" "Instilling a Culture of Giving"

Why we do charity services in the community?

We love what we do.

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L.A.R.U.A.N Project

The goal of the L.A.R.U.A.N Project is to provide children from disadvantaged areas, who have no or little access to education or educational recreation programs, a secure place where they can play with appropriate materials.

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Batang Comradeship

Our programs are divided into five components:

(1) Batang Matalino (intelligent)
(2) Batang Magalang(respectful)
(3) Batang Ligtas (safe)
(4) Batang Malusog (healthy)
(5) Batang Masayahin (happy)

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Futures for Children

To provide health care to the nation’s most medically-underserved children by developing a national network of health care programs; reducing the impact of public health crisis on children; and promoting the health and well-being of all children.

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Our Vision

We hope to have an empowered community where: The rights of the children to learn and play are protected; Parents understand the importance of play in a child’s development; The people genuinely participate in the life-changing endeavors for children.

Our Mission

To protect the rights of children, promote community participation, and help underprivileged children develop their full potential through educational endeavors where volunteerism plays a vital role in their realization.


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Become A Volunteer

The organization offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, including activities that include direct engagement with children.

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Be A Partner

Comradeship Philippines believes in partnerships. Let’s build stronger communities together by improving education and health.

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Become A Sponsor

Provide education and educational supplies to children living in substandard living conditions. Service children’s basic health needs, such as food, and clean water.

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What People are Saying

{It was a humbling experience to be with the children of Comradeship Philippines. Today, I visited the organization's Toy Library and Reading Hub. We had our literacy sessions which included writing and reading activities. Comradeship Philippines recently launched its Child Sponsorship Program to provide assistance to the underprivileged children of Eastern Visayas. This is a joint program of the organization and A.Bonifacio Elementary School. Indeed, there is "Joy In Giving".{
Angelo Tampol
Angelo Tampol
{On behalf of my ABES Family and the children of A. Bonifacio Elementary School, I would like to thank Comradeship Philippines for all the support that you've shared to our school since day one of your first ever campaign and up to now. We will be forever grateful and honored for your enthusiastic support. Not only did you help our school build the Toy Library, but you also enabled us to build dreams for our children. You are indeed a blessing to everyone. Your generous and undying support also made it possible for us teachers to strive more for our school’s children. Once again, a big thanks to you Comradeship Philippines .{
Jenifer T. Abril
Jenifer T. Abril
{I thought I would have just settle for what I was and for what I have. But then I realized, there's still more if we venture life outside our shelves, uplifting people though we struggle with our own fusses and knots, more smiles and laughs; a wonderful life Comradeship tried to let me look through. That even with the little things that we have, we still care, give and above all, love boundlessly; that's how we share our hopes and dreams as comrades:)!{
Aira Mae Sabangan
Aira Mae Sabangan

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Our Blogs

We have several new exciting roles for people keen to help Comradeship Philippines. These roles are aimed at people who are comfortable in going out and talking to individuals and groups about the work of the organization and how their donation could help this work.

Thank You Hannah!

Thank You Hannah!

This is Hannah, with her loving and warmhearted heart who has the biggest room for others, she donated her slightly used toys to our toy library at A. Bonifacio Elementary School to share it with underprivileged kids. Thank you so much Hannah! Comradeship Philippines...

Ukay-Ukay For A Cause

Ukay-Ukay For A Cause

The “UKay-Ukay for a cause” is a fundraising activity of the organization. This was conducted during the School’s Second Quarter Portfolio Day. Special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making this activity a fabulous success! Thanks to the school head,...

Resource FundApp

Resource FundApp

We are excited to announce the launch of our Resource Mobilization FundApp. This mobile application focuses on forging strong partnership built on trust and accountability. The application is supported with a reporting system and database to ensure that all resources...